SCR/DPF EMULATORS FOR construction machinery

In an effort to reduce air pollution, the European Union is introducing more and more restrictions concerning, amongst other things, exhaust fumes emitted by cars. This also applies to construction machinery, which must be equipped with SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). Unfortunately, it turned out to be extremely faulty, which, as one can imagine, generates high costs related to its repair or replacement. Therefore, the owners of such vehicles very often decide to use an construction machine DPF emulator.

What is a DPF System?

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a part of the exhaust system, which is designed to absorb soot emitted during the diesel fuel combustion. Despite its undeniable benefits for the environment, it is one of the most faulty components in modern diesel engines. So what are the most common DPF problems that make the lives of vehicle users and owners so difficult?

A characteristic of these components is that after some time they become clogged and lose efficiency. When this happens, an indicator light appears on the dashboard and the engine slowly begins to lose power. It enters the so-called failure mode. Although the filter should clean itself with a little help from us, in reality it often becomes impossible. And a clogged filter over time becomes more and more of a problem. This can result in, among other things, loss of power and then the need to replace this element, which is associated with very high costs.

DPF Removal – Is It The Best Solution?

Very often, when we experience such SCR problem, DPF removal is the best way out of this difficult situation. In addition, we also need to install in such construction machine DPF emulator. This component is extremely important, as it is capable of simulating the signals of proper performance of the particulate filter.

As a result, if we decide on a DPF delete, emulator will ensure that during the diagnostics the parameters of the SCR system will be the same as in a vehicle equipped with a functioning system. Such SCR emulator sends the same messages to the engine controller as a well-functioning device. So we no longer have to worry about costly repairs of a faulty system, and also about problems related to the lack of a filter.

Blue Truck 24 – Get Our DPF Emulator

With our emulator DPF will never be your problem again. Blue Truck 24 offers its customers top quality products, which will finally reduce the costs of using construction machinery and also it will improve the performance of the engine and the exhaust system.

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