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The DPF, which stands for the Diesel Particulate Filter, is a part of the exhaust system of construction vehicles that causes us a lot of problems. Its malfunction results in the display of errors in the system, which make it impossible to use the vehicle properly. Therefore, in such construction machinery as Case DPF emulator may turn out to be the best solution to our problems. Get rid of this faulty part, buy a top quality DPF emulator from Blue Truck 24 and enjoy smooth performance of all your vehicles.

Case DPF

The European Union’s regulations concerning exhaust fumes emitted by cars are quite strict. The rules regard not only trucks but also construction machinery such as Case IH tractors or skid steers. However, a faulty SCR system, which usually means a clogged DPF, can cause us a lot of trouble. And constant repairs may cost us a lot of time and money. So what can you do if in the machine made by Case New Holland, SCR system cause recurrent problems? DPF emulator may be of the best solutions in this case.

Case – SCR failure fixed with emulator

The removal of the clogged filter is usually the best option if we want to avoid another SCR system failure. In construction machines such as for example, Case skid steer DPF delete is not a very complicated process. Of course you should have it done by some professional mechanic who will make sure that everything works fine. What’s more, if you decide on DPF delete in Case IH machines, you also need to replace it with the SCR emulator, which is available in Blue Truck 24 store.