Caterpillar CAT

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In the case of construction machinery such as Caterpillar DPF system very often causes a lot of problems. Failure of components such as the CAT DPF filter contributes to poor operation of the vehicle and high costs associated with its repair. Therefore, in the majority of construction machines such as Caterpillar DPF delete and installing an appropriate DPF emulator is the best solution. Our product range includes CAT c15, CAT 259d and CAT c13 DPF delete kit. With these products your vehicle will operate as it should.

Caterpillar CAT DPF

Even in construction machines made by the most popular brands such as Caterpillar, DPF can cause us a lot of problems. The clogged filter slows down the machine and the repair costs us not only money, but also loads of valuable time. So how can you deal with CAT DPF filter failure in your machine? For example, by simply removing it and installing the emulator simulating a properly working SCR system. And the whole Caterpillar DPF delete kit is available in Blue Truck 24 store along with emulators for all kinds of construction machinery.