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Hidromek & Perkins Engine Parts

European Union likes to regulate all sorts of issues concerning our lives. No wonder there is also a set of rules which establish the amount of air pollutants that construction machinery can release in exhaust fumes. The document known as Euro 6, obliges companies such as Hidromek to equip their vehicles with the SCR system, which is supposed to reduce substances like NOx into water vapor and nitrogen. But the system turns out to be really faulty and that’s why high-quality parts for Perkins engine are needed.

Perkins Diesel Parts In Blue Truck 24

In the UK Hidromerk’s machines are well-known and appreciated. The construction machinery created by this company is used all over the country. However, owners of such vehicles complain about reoccurring problems with the SCR system. For example, they have to deal with wrong error codes and clogged DPF filters, which leads to the situation where the machines are simply useless and need the attention of the mechanic. It’s a waste of time and money as well.

Your problems with the SCR system in Hidromek’s construction machinery can be solved in a very easy way. All you need to do is disable the whole system, so there will be no more failures. But you still need to make sure that in case of any inspection it will look like the SCR works just fine. That is why you should invest in some good Perkins engine parts such as emulators, which are available in Blue Truck 24 store.

SCR Emulators For Hidromek’s vehicles with Perkins engines

The SCR emulators will make your life much easier if you are used to constant problems with this system. The DPF or NOx sensor emulators simulate signals that a working SCR sends to the computer. Thanks to that, the diagnostics won’t reveal the fact that you have disabled the system in your vehicle. And let’s be honest, the cost of purchasing these devices is still low compared to the amount of money you would have to spend on the repairs every time the system fails.