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If you are an owner of Hitachi construction machinery in UK you probably face problems with proper functioning of DPF every now and then. This is a fairly common fault that reduces the efficiency of such machinery and generates high costs associated with its repair. Therefore, many people decide to remove the costruction machinery DPF and install an emulator that mimics its operation and prevents the appearance of any error codes. The emulators available at Blue Truck 24 are top quality devices with excellent components that will do the job perfectly.

DPF Hitachi

Hitachi construction machinery in the UK, and as a matter of fact all over the world, seems to have a problem with SCR system. We are all aware of the fact that it’s job is to reduce the amount of polluting gases getting into the air. But unfortunately it causes Hitachi machinery owners constant trouble as DPF gets clogged. As a result, many people decide to remove the filter and install the DPF emulators. They send the right signals to the engine of Hitachi construction machinery and simulate the proper work of the SCR system.