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The malfunction of the SCR system is a very common problem that owners of construction machinery have to deal with. The DPF is especially prone to continuous failures, which reduces the efficiency of such a machine and increases the costs related to its repair. Therefore, in the case of such machines as Kubota DPF emulator can be a perfect solution. The emulators available in the Blue Truck 24 shop have been made of the best components, thus ensuring great performance. Buy a DPF emulator and stop worrying about error codes.

DPF Kubota

Construction machinery can work improperly for many various reasons. But problems with SCR system seem to be the most common ones nowadays. And it is also true for machinery produced by Kubota. DPF in such equipment gets clogged quite often and needs to be repaired, or the machine won’t work on its full engine power. To avoid such a situation, many people remove the filter and use the DPF emulator for Kubota machines instead. They make it look like the SCR system is still working as it should be, and we don’t have to worry about failures of that kind anymore.