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Every construction machine must be fitted with an SCR system, which uses a special fluid called AdBlue. Scania is no exception. But it is also a fact that in vehicles like Scania DPF filter failure is a common problem. The occurrence of error codes means that the machine does not work as it should and the filter needs to be repaired, which is expensive. Therefore, the installation of DPF emulators in construction machines turns out to be a good solution. The devices available at Blue Truck 24 are an investment that will be pay off.

DPF Scania

Every construction machine has to be fitted with an SCR system to reduce the amount of pollutants it releases into the atmosphere. But in most of them the system is quite faulty, and the main cause of that is usually the DPF. In Scania machinery the filter also gets clogged quite often and its repair costs a lot. The best solution to such a problem is the removal of Scania’s DPF filter. But you need to install an emulator, which will simulate the proper functioning of the SCR with AdBlue fluid in Scania machinery. You will find the right emulator in Blue Truck 24 store.