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By law, the exhaust system of construction machinery has to be equipped with an SCR system. However, in such vehicles as Volvo DPF system, or more precisely the DPF sensor ( which is an element of SCR) is frequently failing. This is a big problem for owners of such vehicles, which generates considerable costs. Therefore, in the construction machines manufactured by Volvo DPF delete process is one of the best possible solutions. Instead of using in the Volvo c30 a DPF pressure sensor, an emulator from Blue Truck 24 is installed, which imitates a perfectly functioning system.

DPF Volvo

In construction machines made by Volvo, DPF system often seems to be causing some serious troubles. The owners of such vehicles complain about the cost of its repair and the time they lose when the machine is not working. That is why, when there is a problem with the DPF pressure sensor in Volvo machinery, you can delete such element, which sometimes is the best solution. However, if you plan to remove it from a vehicle such as Volvo, the DPF emulator must be installed instead. And you can get it at Blue Truck 24 store.