Volvo Penta

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For construction machinery, also with engines like the Volvo D4 Euro 6 regulations have to be met. A well-functioning SCR system is essential, but owners of these machines know that it is not that simple. The DPF in these vehicles often fails, which generates high costs. Therefore, the best option is usually to remove the DPF and install an emulator, which can be purchased from Blue Truck 24. This prevents error codes from appearing, while the machine continues to work perfectly and above all fulfils its role.

Volvo D4 Euro 6

The European Union’s regulations about the reduction of pollutants getting into the atmosphere from exhaust fumes concern all construction vehicles with engines such as Volvo D4. The Euro 6 regulations require them to be fitted with SCR systems, which can cause a lot of trouble. In many machines with Volvo Penta Tier 4F engines, the DPF clogs and signals faults, which automatically slow down the engine. That’s why it is a good idea to remove the DPF and replace it with the right emulator from Blue Truck 24 for Volvo Penta engine. Thanks to it the SCR seems to be working properly.