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    Zetor SCR/DPF Emulator PLUG&PLAY


The exhaust system of modern construction machinery must be equipped with an SCR system, which includes a DPF filter. Unfortunately, over the years this part has proven to be very unreliable. As in the case of vehicles from other manufacturers, in machines from Zetor DPF often fails, which affects the performance of the entire machine. Many owners of such vehicles therefore decide to remove the filter and use the DPF emulator, which helps eliminate the occurrence of error codes. At Blue Truck 24 you will find the best emulators of this type at great prices.

Zetor DPF

In all kinds of construction machinery, such as vehicles made by Zetor, SCR system is an obligatory element required by the European Union. It plays an important role in the reduction of pollutants that get out of the vehicle with exhaust fumes. However, it is also really faulty, as in machines produced by Zetor the DPF often breaks down and causes the engine to lose power. To avoid such recurring troubles, it is a common practice to remove the DPF and install its emulator in Zetor instead. So if you need the right emulator for your vehicle, get it from Blue Truck 24 store.