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Soot Level Reseter CAT

CAT vehicles are really popular and widely used in the construction industry. These are some powerful, efficient and reliable machines that can do their job even in very harsh conditions. However, many users complain about the reoccurring problems with the SCR system in such machinery. One of them is the DPF filter or more precisely, the soot level sensor. It’s supposed to inform us about the high level of soot accumulated in the filter, but unfortunately it often produces false error codes. The solution is the soot level resetter.

Soot Level Reseter In Blue Truck 24

With the right devices, your problems with false error codes can stop. In Blue Truck 24 you will find a wide selection of such products and soot level resetter for CAT machines is one of them. It’s small and very easy to use. In a few simple steps you will be able to erase the error code and continue to use your machinery as you wish. It is definitely a good investment, which can save your time and money spent on constant repairs.