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OBD diagnostic socket is an element of universal diagnostic system used in all modern cars. The OBD socket, when connected to the appropriate device (such as interface, tester or computer), allows us to detect a number of malfunctions. The developers of this device wanted in particular to provide a quick diagnosis of problems that are associated with increased emission of substances harmful to the environment by the cars. However, such failures have also a negative impact on the efficiency of the car itself, which usually means problems for us.

What is OBD?

OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) analyses key parameters of the powertrain – from the composition of exhaust fumes, through the correct ignition or the functioning of sensors and the catalyst. The detection of any irregularities results in the display of the Check Engine light on the dashboard. And as a result the DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) are stored in the system memory.

The OBD socket is usually located in the lower part of the dashboard or in the fuse box. Another place where it can be located is the center console. Cars equipped with OBD system have a 16-pin plug. Its shape as well as error codes have been standardized. With the international error coding system, where regardless of the car model a given number denotes the same type of fault, the identical OBD device can be used in many cars. It also makes it much easier to repair them in unauthorized workshops.

Simple OBD Diagnostics

The most convenient solution to perform OBD diagnostics is an adapter plugged into the OBD diagnostic socket, which connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. As an alternative there are devices with USB cable and a plug OBD. In most cases such devices are sufficient to read and delete basic, unified error codes. What is more, they are really easy to use, so they should be helpful to every driver.

When is an OBD adapter particularly useful? For example in a situation when due to a detected error the engine enters the emergency mode. Then it starts to work slower, it does not reach more than 2 thousand revolutions, its performance drops, and there is a speed limit of 20 km/h. In such a situation by using the OBD device to clear the error we will be able to get out of the emergency mode and continue our drive without any problems related to such malfunction.

Get The Best OBD Reader On The Market

Blue Truck 24 provides its customers with top-quality OBD devices which perfectly serve their purpose. They are user-friendly, so every driver can easily cope with clearing the error codes that prevent normal vehicle operation. It is not worth wasting our time and money on expensive consultations and repairs in car workshops if we can deal with the problem using the best OBD reader on the market. Check out the full range of these devices on the Blue Truck 24 website, choose the one that works best for you and feel free to use it whenever you need it. We are sure that you will be truly satisfied with such purchase.

Error Code Erasers – Truck OBD

In every truck, OBD analyses the key parameters of the vehicle’s powertrain. If the system detects malfunction of any of its parts, you will see the Check Engine signal on the dashboard of your car. What’s more, error code stored in the system’s memory often causes the engine to lose power or work improperly, so the machine is simply useless. That is when you need a good OBD scanner for trucks to determine the type of fault. Than you can either repair the part that broke down or delete the error code if it turns out to be the system’s fault itself.

Error Code Erasers For Trucks

Whether you own a machine produced by Mercedes, Volvo or Scania, the error code eraser is a lifesaver. As a matter of fact, you should always have it in your car, so you will be able to deal with the wrong codes whenever it’s necessary. The devices available in Blue Truck 24 store are high-quality error code erasers. They are small, effective, and easy to use, so you won’t have any problems using such devices when the Check Engine light appears.