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OBD diagnostics gives us access to data on the operation of individual elements of the vehicle and the error codes appearing in it. Unfortunately, some of them may affect the proper functioning of the car, among others by decreasing the maximum engine revolutions and vehicle speed. In such situations, in case of vehicles like DAF OBD connector may prove to be very useful, when we connect the error code eraser to it. This inconspicuous device available at the Blue Truck 24 shop can be easily connected to the OBD and delete the error codes that cause problems.


Thanks to OBD we get very important information concerning many elements and systems in our vehicle. If any problem occurs, we can get a proper alert from the OBD in the form of an error code. However, such code may negatively influence the way in which such vehicles work. And when that problem occurs in a truck produced by DAF, the OBD connector is a must-have. It enables the driver to connect an error eraser to the system and restore the truck’s full functionality this way. With such equipment, available at Blue Truck 24 store, you’ll get rid of the problem in no time.