NOX Sensors Emulators

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Air pollution, which is increasing year after year, is forcing European authorities to do more to prevent it. Therefore, the European Union has set quite restrictive standards of exhaust emissions, which force car owners to use systems that reduce the release of gases polluting the air. Changes to these standards have left drivers wondering how to carry out the Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion.

Euro 6 Emissions Standards

The European Euro 6 standard has been in force since September 2015. It was developed to provide greater protection for the environment and to reduce emissions of carbon oxides and all other pollutants. This standard establishes the acceptable level of emission of harmful gases emitted by combustion vehicles. The highest limits that have been imposed on vehicle manufacturers are for particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Each successive standard has been aimed at reducing harmful emissions and forcing car manufacturers to build less polluting combustion engines.

These standards do not set stricter regulations, but they do change the range of tolerance for deviation from the norm. With the current sixth standard, the limit for nitrogen oxides is 80 mg/km. By comparison, with Euro 3 it was as high as 500 mg/km.

Any cars registered after September 2015, when Euro 6 became mandatory, will be Euro 6 compliant as standard. Many cars manufactured before that date will also be compliant with Euro 6 regulations but owners of the older models may have a problem with that. If you're not sure whether your car meets new regulations you can use any Euro 6 checker online. But you don't have to worry about the negative result as there are some really good solutions to upgrade diesel to Euro 6 without much effort. You only need to get to know how much Euro 6 conversion kit cost for your car and get things done without worrying about the exhaust fumes.

NOx Emulator Can Do The Trick

Modern vehicle engines are controlled by a computer known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This tiny computer controls such things as ignition timing, air and fuel ratio and boost pressure. But many people decide to do the Diesel ECU remaping by adjusting its settings. That way the vehicle can be altered to increase either its performance or economy. However by doing so, the car may also not meet the Euro 6 emissions standards and a good NOx emulator is needed.

The NOx sensor is located directly in the exhaust system of the vehicle and it constantly measures how much NOx gas is present in the exhaust gases of cars. However, the sensor often fails and replacing this important part is very expensive. In such cases, the best solution is also to use the NOx emulator, which fully substitutes the defective NOx sensor in the car. This way we do not interfere permanently in the electronics of the vehicle and the diagnostics of the SCR system do not show any errors.

Of course, in this situation it is advisable to rely on proven products made from top-quality components which are offered by Blue Truck 24. We are convinced that every driver will find a product tailored to the needs of his vehicle in our shop.