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Today, the exhaust system in every truck must be fitted with a NOx sensor. For companies like DAF, Euro 6 regulations are very important, so every vehicle they produce must meet EU requirements. Unfortunately, owners of such vehicles know that the NOx sensor can cause them many problems, so some of them decide to install an emulator. The devices available at Blue Truck 24 replace the sensor, do not generate any errors and do not interfere with the vehicle's electronics. As a result, drivers can forget about problems with the NOx sensor.

NOX DAF Euro 6

The EU wants us all to take better care of our planet. That is why the set of regulations about the amount of air pollutants in exhaust fumes was established, called Euro 6. SAF and other producers have to comply with it by installing proper systems. But in practice some parts of the SCR, such as the NOx sensor device, don’t work as they should, causing drivers many problems. Because of that, the use of emulators for DAF or NOx sensors may be the most reasonable solution. It’s much easier to install such an element than to go through constant repairs.