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When it comes to vehicles like the Iveco Starlis Hi-Way Euro 6 regulations ( regarding exhaust emissions) must be adhered to. These are the rules, which is why there is an SCR system and NOx sensors fitted to every Iveco Starlis and Crossway Euro 6 vehicle. Unfortunately, these don't always work properly and even if you have the best Iveco Euro 6 truck you may have to deal with extremely troublesome breakdowns. Therefore, it is worth taking an interest in such devices as the emulator AdBlue for Iveco Euro 6 and the NOx sensor emulator. The devices available at Blue Truck 24 will make driving your truck even easier.

Iveco Stralis Hi Way Euro 6

Whether you own Iveco Starlis Hi-Way, Iveco Crossway, Iveco Trekker or EuroCargo, Euro 5 and Euro 6 regulations need to be met. This set of rules establishes the highest amount of pollutants such a truck may release into the air. But the elements of the system which should regulate it in the vehicle are quite faulty. It means not only high cost of repair but also a waste of time when the truck is useless. Because of that, it might be a good idea to install an AdBlue emulator for Iveco (compliant with Euro 6) available in Blue Truck 24 store.