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With trucks such as the MAN TGX Euro 6 regulations are always taken into account. Exhaust emission limits require the manufacturer to fit an SCR system and a NOx sensor in the vehicle. Unfortunately these system components are prone to failure, even in such good vehicles as MAN. Euro 6 therefore generates additional costs. However, you can avoid these problems by using devices such as the NOx emulator, which you can buy at Blue Truck 24. It replaces the sensor, does not generate system errors and is easy to install.

Man TGX Euro 6

The EU force car producers to take action and install the SCR systems in every truck, such as, for example MAN TGX. Euro 6 regulations are strict as it comes to the amount of pollutants released by these cars into the air. However, the elements of such systems in vehicles like MAN (NOx sensor, DPF filter) are really faulty. Because of that, many drivers decide to remove them from their cars and replace them with emulators which you can get in Blue Truck 24 store. It’s cheaper than constant repairs and saves you a lot of time.