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Mercedes NOx sensor emulator

In vehicles such as the Mercedes 1848, the Mercedes Atego 1224 or the Mercedes Tourismo Euro 6 regulations must be complied with, in accordance with EU law. This is why their exhaust systems are equipped with an SCR system. Among the most problematic components in such systems in Mercedes is NOx sensor. This is one of the reasons why car owners choose to use a NOx sensor emulator, which you can buy at Blue Truck 24. This is an easy solution that does not interfere with the vehicle's electronics and allows us to avoid problems.

Mercedes NOx Sensor

The regulations concerning the amount of air pollutants released with exhaust fumes include all vehicles with combustion engines, such as Mercedes 1848 or Mercedes Atego 1224. Euro 6, which is how the set of these rules is called, applies to all producers who need to fit their cars with an SCR system. But the problem is that its elements, like the NOx sensor or DPF, are faulty and cause constant problems. So what can you do with it? It might be a good idea to equip your Mercedes with an NOx sensor emulator available in Blue Truck 24 store. It’ll save you a lot of time and money as well.