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Renault Euro 6 NOx sensor emulator

All trucks have to comply with standards limiting the intake of pollutants into the air and the same applies to the Renault Magnum. Euro 6, the EU's emissions legislation, has forced vehicle manufacturers to fit SCR systems and sensors for compounds such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). Unfortunately, their failure rate is quite high, which is why many people choose to use a NOx sensor emulator. Blue Truck 24 offers easy-to-use devices of this type, which do not interfere with the truck's electronics and at the same time help to avoid further breakdowns.

Renault Magnum Euro 6

Regulations of the EU concerning the limits of pollutants in the exhaust fumes apply to all trucks, such as Renault Magnum. Euro 6 (as the rules are called) forces manufacturers to install in vehicles such as Renault an NOx sensor. But it turned out that this little part can cause drivers a lot of trouble. That’s why many people decide to remove it from the SCR system and replace it with the NOx sensor emulator for Renault. Such devices available in Blue Truck 24 store are a good investment, which can save you a lot of money you would spend on repairs.