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Scania Euro 6 NOx sensor emulator

When it comes to trucks like Scania P-series Euro 6 regulations should always be met. This means that the truck must be fitted with an SCR system and items such as the NOx sensor in Scania. Euro 6 is supposed to help improve air quality, but it also affects the drivers. Malfunctions of these components not only generate costs, but often prevent them from doing their job. That's why devices such as NOx sensor emulators are becoming increasingly popular, and Blue Truck 24 offers you great quality products to help you avoid such problems.

Scania Euro 6

The EU has set some important regulations concerning the release of pollutants by trucks, such as Scania P-Series. Euro 6 therefore oblige manufacturers to install the SCR system in their cars. But in vehicles produced in compliance with Euro 6 by Scania, the NOx sensor often causes some serious problems. As a result, drivers usually decide to remove that part from the system and replace it with an NOx emulator available in Blue Truck 24 store. It’s a really good investment if you want to save yourself a great deal of trouble.