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Volvo Euro 6 NOx sensor

The European Union has created strict rules for truck emissions, called Euro 6. Volvo and other manufacturers of such vehicles must therefore install special systems and sensors (e.g. for nitrogen oxides) in them. Unfortunately, these elements relatively often break down and generate errors that prevent the driver from driving smoothly. In order to avoid such problems, many of them install NOx sensor emulators, which imitate the proper performance of this element. Blue Truck 24 offers a full range of such devices for various car models.

Euro 6 Volvo

According to the newest EU’s set of regulations concerning air-polluting substances released with exhaust fumes, called Euro 6, Volvo’s trucks need to be equipped with the SCR system. But the problem is that its elements seem to be quite faulty and often break down or create error codes. In vehicles produced by Volvo, the NOx sensor is one of such parts. Because of that, replacing it with the emulator which simulates proper work of the NOx sensor seems to be a very good idea. But always remember to invest in the best-quality products you will find in Blue Truck 24 store.