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Emulators For Iveco Engines

AdBlue is a fluid which has very useful properties. When it is introduced into the exhaust system of the vehicle, it reduces the amount of harmful gasses polluting the environment. That is why AdBlue is being used in all kinds of trucks, also those with Iveco engines. However, the SCR system which uses AdBlue is faulty and causes the owners of such vehicles lots of trouble. Because of that, many of them decide to disable the SCR and use the AdBlue emulator for Iveco engines.

AdBlue Emulators for Iveco

Why is it a good idea to use an emulator instead of AdBlue in Iveco vehicles? Because that way the disabled SCR system doesn’t cause us any more problems. And at the same time, the Blue Truck 24’s emulator simulates the proper work of the SCR by sending the right messages to the engine controller. Thanks to that, the diagnostics doesn’t reveal any malfunctions of the system, and we don’t have to worry about error codes and problems with the SCR at the most inconvenient times.