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Construction machinery has very important functions and we want it to work perfectly. Unfortunately, a malfunction of the SCR system and the DPF filter is a very common problem. Perkins construction machinery is no exception. Therefore, owners of such vehicles often decide to remove this element of the exhaust system replacing it with a DPF emulator. This way, the system does not indicate any errors that could interfere with the operation of the vehicle, and we save on repairs. Buy a DPF emulator from Blue Truck 24 and let the construction machinery do its job.

DPF Perkins

When it comes to failures occurring in construction machinery with engines from Perkins, DPF filter seems to cause a lot of trouble. It is one of the important elements of the SCR system, which is supposed to limit the amount of pollutants getting into the air from exhaust fumes. Unfortunately, the DPF clogs once in a while and as a result the Perkins engine loses its power. The vehicle is useless and needs to be repaired, which costs us not only money, but also time. Because of that, the most reasonable decision is to remove the DPF and replace it with the emulator, which can be provided by Blue Truck 24.