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Error codes appearing in the OBD diagnostics can tell us a lot about problems related to the operation of individual vehicle systems. In some cases, however, they cause the vehicle to slow down unnecessarily and impair its performance. In such case in cars from MAN OBD port should be connected to appropriate device that will help us to get rid of this problem. The error code eraser from Blue Truck 24 is an excellent solution. Easy to use and reliable – it will allow us to continue driving freely.


OBD is a really useful diagnostic system which can alert a car’s owner to all kinds of problems with it. But of course it is not perfect, and sometimes it produces some error codes that make driving a vehicle practically impossible. So what can you do if it happens in your truck produced by MAN? The OBD port and an error code eraser are your best shots. When it comes to error code eraser for MAN vehicles, which you may buy in Blue Truck 24 store, you should always keep it in your car in case it’s needed. It’s quite small and it can save you a lot of trouble.