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Adblue Man Euro 6 emulator 

Although the SCR system in the truck is efficient and effectively reduces the amount of harmful substances coming out of Man trucks, it causes a lot of problems for drivers. Its constant failures affect the vehicles' performance and are very expensive to fix. Therefore, truck owners have started looking for solutions to help them avoid these problems. One of these is the Adblue Man Euro 6 emulator, available through Blue Truck 24, which sends the same messages to the computer as a functioning SCR system, which can simply be turned off to avoid malfunction.

If you have to deal with constant problems with the SCR system in your truck produced by MAN, the AdBlue emulator might be the solution. This device, available in Blue Truck 24 store, simulates the work of the SCR system which needs to be installed in every truck (according to the EU’s regulations called Euro 6). AdBlue in MAN vehicles can be replaced with the emulator and the diagnostics won’t show any malfunction of the system. While the driver will not have to deal with constant SCR failures.