Adblue emulator Euro 6

As the emission of polluting vehicle exhaust gases continues to rise, the European Union is imposing ever more stringent regulations on vehicle manufacturers. But the SCR system, which uses AdBlue, seems to be causing drivers a lot of problems. Whilst it was a well-intentioned idea to develop and use AdBlue in trucks, the system has proven to be so unreliable and therefore expensive that drivers are trying to resolve the issues themselves by using an AdBlue emulator Euro 6.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a high purity aqueous urea solution that is introduced into the exhaust system to reduce the emission of polluting gases from the exhaust fumes. This product is therefore a reducer, which is supposed to break down harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless water vapour and nitrogen in the SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). Thanks to this system truck owners can meet the Euro 6 emission standards, which apply to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

The system is good for the environment and does not affect engine performance, but unfortunately it has a very serious drawback. The SCR system has proven to be very unreliable in practice. Both the NOx sensor and the AdBlue pump, as well as the catalyst itself frequently fail. As a result, errors appear in the vehicle's diagnostics, and repairing or replacing individual parts of the system is very expensive. No wonder truck owners often choose to use an SCR emulator.

SCR Emulator – The Most Important Qualities

The SCR emulator is a device that is installed in trucks and it sends the same messages to the engine control unit as a well-functioning SCR. Therefore, when the diagnostics of such a vehicle is performed, it does not show any errors and all parameters are exactly the same as with a properly operating SCR system. When we want to use such a device, we may decide to remove the entire SCR system or it may remain in the truck.

When using such a device as the SCR emulator V4 NOx, we no longer need to worry about filling our vehicle with AdBlue. In the event of any faults in the system, the emulator fully replaces individual modules, sending the appropriate signals to the system. Thus when the failure occurs our car will not suddenly slow down to 20 km/h. What is very important, the AdBlue emulator Euro 6 does not interfere permanently with the vehicle's electronics and can be deactivated or dismantled at any time.

The most effective SCR emulators

An AdBlue emulator is an extremely useful device that can make life much easier for many truck owners. However, in order to be sure that it will work perfectly it is advisable to invest in the high quality products made from the best components, which are offered by the Blue Truck 24 shop. Our customers receive tested emulators, which undergo meticulous quality checks, so we are sure that they are getting fully operational devices perfectly fulfilling their tasks. SCR emulators available at Blue Truck 24 website is simply the best choice you can make.