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Adblue emulator Euro 6 Volvo

Every Volvo truck must be fitted with an SCR system with AdBlue fluid, which reduces the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. However, it turns out that this system is very often subject to various failures, thus leading to enormous costs associated with its repair. This is why the Adblue emulator Euro 6 Volvo from Blue Truck 24 is becoming more and more popular. The device simulates the operation of the SCR system by sending appropriate messages to the computer. Thanks to this, even if a failure occurs, there is no need to repair the system or replace its parts.

Why is it a good decision to install the AdBlue emulator in Volvo? Euro 6 regulations oblige producers to equip all trucks with SCR systems, which can cause us some serious troubles. Constant faults of its elements cost drivers a lot of time and money, so they choose to disable it. But if you decide to do it, you also need to install the AdBlue emulator in your Volvo, so it can simulate the SCR system signals during inspections. Remember that the device available in Blue Truck 24 store doesn’t cost much compared to the money you save on repairs.